Like, why is it hard to get it on when youre stressed out? Share the best little-known travel spots, what to do when you get there, and personal stories of your own travel adventures. The podcast's ethos is the notion that you can create a connection to someone despite their being a complete stranger just by hearing their story. Learn more about how to create a private podcast for your business or club. How do you know whether youre complaining for no reason or whether your issue is actually a dealbreaker? The best way to make your podcast stand out is to show off your personality. With ASMR, you dont have to talk. You can browse social media to see which accounts they follow and what content they interact with. Take careful notes so you can walk your listeners through a day in the life. You could also interview attendees to learn their big takeaways from the event or key players (like speakers or the podcast host) to get their thoughts. If youre having trouble getting a podcast idea brainstorm started, use this list to spark some creativity: The first podcast idea is also the most obvious. Whether you have a podcast about science, films, animals, or healthcare, you can find experts and entrepreneurs to bring a new depth of insight to your episodes. Or you could speak with a sanitation worker to explain what really goes on with our trash. What do you want to share with others? The Bible Binge When discussing Bible stories, academic scholars' incomprehensible theological conversations focusing on hermeneutics are common. By Justin. Create a public or private podcast and use episodes as fuel for your next meeting. Youll want comedian Nicole Byer to be your best friend after you listen to Why Wont You Date Me?, in which she brings on other comedians and writers to talk about the nitty gritty of their relationships and dating lives. Talk about your successes and failures. You can also share tricks of the trade and how to get better at the craft. One way to narrow down your podcast topic is by targeting a section of your audience. A large part of this is because . Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend series premiered on November 18, 2018, when Conan O'Brien's talk show was on a break. Hosted by Bahman Sarram and Michael Joseph Ferguson. Are you a counselor or coach? Knowing these podcast ideas are already popular with large audiences, you may be tempted to jump right into one of these topics. Review a book series, make recommendations, or summarize individual books like a podcast version of Blinkist! Cooking 17. Instead of interviewing a guest and piecing the best parts together in post-production, consider recording long-form interviews that don't require editing. There are lots of podcasts for that. Start at the beginning: wake up, breakfast, and launching the day. It could be something that happened to you or something that happened to someone else. Kelsey Hall and Josh Pearson host the podcast which features interviews with experts in the fields of AT and AAC, as well as reviews of products. The show covers everything from kinks and festishes to trauma and sex shaming. The 7 best English podcasts for beginners Learn English Podcast from the British Council. Its easy to get paralyzed in the decision-making process! There's no shortage of alternative health modalities and plenty of people are interested in the topic. From the inventors entrepreneurial history to how many people actually bought it, these products are the perfect topic to generate wacky conversations. A finance podcast is an online, radio-like talk-show that focuses on personal finance topics to help individuals make better financial decisions, such as investing money or paying off debt. For instance, the manufacturing industry has a long line of innovators who pushed the boundaries of the business. Identify how the host unravels the story and what emotions bubble up as you listen. We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle. Does your guest have a favorite thing that brings them joy or makes their life more fun and meaningful? 2. Do it over red wine to make the conversation zanier then your typical recap podcast. Want to host a club and keep everyone on the same page? 29. Some podcast hosts may even interview leaders in the field of mental health. As you collect the information, start drafting an ideal listener avatar so you can continue building this persona as your show comes to life. 3D printing is an up-and-coming technology with a lot of news to discuss. Here are 15 options to help you brainstorm. Stuff You Should Know Podcast, Stuff You Should Know is just that: stuff everybody should know, served up by Josh and Chuck in the most entertaining fashion. Start a podcast about your journey learning to play the piano, paint, or sewthe list goes on. Black Cancer. If you're passionate and curious about your topic, you're more likely to attract loyal listeners and stay motivated to create consistent content. Down N Dirty Sexy Hot Adult Stories from the Street Penelope Pardee Health & Fitness 3.4 713 Ratings; HOT SEXY STORIES designed to GET YOU OFF. And don't forget it's okay if you color outside the lines, just have fun with it! Like most podcasters, you may want to monetize your show at some point, so its important to consider how your potential topic will lend itself to revenue in the future. NY 10036. All the dance numbers! stick to it. Pop culture is a never-ending source of podcast episode ideas. Marie Claire is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Create a self-help podcast for a specific group of people. Read our interview with the foundershere. Instead of talking about historical sites from web research, visit them and describe what you see and feel. Surprise, surprise: A citys sex life can reveal a lot about the place itself. Try taking a behind the scenes look at what goes into becoming an influencer. Celebrity interviews. Avoid topics you dont find interesting even if you think they would do well. Choose a subject and interview them about their typical day. New York, You can use your podcast to share your expertise and personal experience and create a community at the same time. Have a couple each describe their first meeting, an interviewer and interviewee recount the interview that got them the job, or a police officer and inmate remember an unexpected arrest. Global news and politics 3. 100+ Podcast Topic ideas 1. Create a podcast that examines events and media from different points of you. The Hottest, Smartest & Sexiest Erotic Podcasts to Download Right Now. Try to capture as much audio from the environment as possible, like the sounds of exotic animals and people speaking their native language. You can add this question to the end of interviews as a segment or structure the whole episode around this one question. You can create a supplementary PDF tutorial and use it as a free piece of content to grow your email list. Comedy is a top podcasting genre, but other topics like news, true crime, science, pop culture and health are also popular. Instead of reviewing books, movies or TV shows, review products and tools. You can teach listeners to write grants, scripts, blogs, or just develop a daily journaling practice. Wondering what your episodes should be about to engage the audience? You can also collect interesting stories from listeners and read them (with permission). Share it with your fans! Compile stories you've heard, interview listeners with personal spooky stories, or interview people who conduct paranormal research. The best way to pick a podcast is to listen to a few and see what resonates with you. Here's what's involved in taking your podcast onto Apple Podcasts. Make a podcast with tips and advice for caring for an animal. To make a successful coaching podcast, ask listeners to send you their questions or problems so you can discuss them on the show as well. Then get to the hard stuff: work tasks, family obligations, personal hobbies, etc. Discuss all things magic, from retailers selling supplies to famous magicians and illusionists. The freelance life 14. Already Has An Audience. Find out, and maybe even laugh about it. Dont talk about health and fitness one week, then news and politics the next week. Make your show more specific by covering personal finance for single parents, U.S. expats living abroad, or some other targeted audience. TED Talks Daily - They have produced over 2000 podcasts to date, discussing a variety of different important topics. You can learn how to be productive and efficient in all aspects of life, and, most importantly, how to live a meaningful life. Choose something that you wont get tired of talking or thinking about too. Or it could be entirely fictional. This format gives you an opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition and dive deeper into your topic than other podcasts. Bring other podcast creators on to your show to discuss their experience. There are good podcast ideas and less intriguing ones, so its your job to figure out where your topic idea lands. My middle schoolers found it very helpful to reference as they brainstorm ideas for their own podcast. At first . But there are countless regular people in the world with interesting stories to tell. Millennial podcast is about journeying through young adu . Host Chris Duce understands this firsthandhe was raised Mormon and spends a lot of the show reflecting on his upbringing and his relationship with growing up. February 27, 2023 By Lynn Pryor Leave a Comment. Pick a niche, like digital marketing or personal development, and offer your advice and best tips. Their hilarious banter, thoughtful responses, and open-minded approaches to everything from classic questions like "Can you ever re-enter the friend zone?" If you make a kids podcast, be sure to target a specific age group. Kate and Bex show their listeners that nothing is taboo if it's approached mindfully and consensually. 5. You can keep it centered around one topic for the entire podcast, do a series, or change it up every episode. If you dont care about your topic, why should they? Do they have similar questions as you? Ask: Can you name five of the people who rank among the top 10 richest people in the world? to the logistics of polyamory make 'Dear Jessamyn' an LGBTQIA+ friendly, truly educational must-listen for anyone who's ever been interested in someone else. Courtesy of Audible. Your podcast's format is the structure of your podcast episodes, and the format you choose can impact the kind of content your produce. This limited-run Audible series actually premiered in 2019, but it's a binge-able listen to check out if you haven't already (or to re-binge if you already have, honestly). Pare them down by answering the four critical questions then record your first episode! Not exactly a listen for the family road trip, host Rose Caraway acts as sexy librarian, reading aloud from the work of some of the best erotica writers working today. Kid-friendly Kids listen to podcasts too! Narrate into a microphone while you perform a task that relates to your overall podcast topic. Event planning 12. Recent topics? Money management is considered an "evergreen" topic for podcasts because many people seek financial advice. Help your listeners relax and cover meditations for different topics or emotions, such as anger, stress, sadness, gratitude, etc. Celestial Sexis here for anyone who grew up in a religious or otherwise repressive environment when it came to sex and needs to talk it out. Podcast. You can make it educational, so they can supplement their schoolwork, or entertaining to help them relax. Every week, they invite "a non-boring guest to dish the dirt on living, laughing, and yeahloving." The New York Times once featured . Follow up with the submitters later to learn about their results and publish that as well. As you figure out what your own podcast topic, remember the only limit is your imagination. If you really love podcasts, consider creating a show that reviews and reacts to other shows. Technology is a vast topic to explore and can take form as several types of podcasts. Break down DIY projects for your podcast listeners. This podcast topic would make a uniquely eclectic show. What makes a podcast topic good is telling a story that touches people emotionallyrelaying the information so the audience feels hope, suspense, sadness, and happiness as the story unfolds. Free plan; Personal: $6 a month There are countless community newspapers around the US that are chock full of small town news. PRO TIP: Make your podcast niche by narrowing your target audience. What are your favorite podcasts, creepypasta-related or otherwise? Whether it's emotional regulation, attention, sleep, social interactions, task initiation, finances and more, finding the "just right" state is difficult for many on the spectrum. This is a good podcast topic for anyone in public relations, marketing, or branding. Who would listen to your podcast, and what does their typical day look like? TruthLinesVoice is a podcast for teens and young adults that are capturing the voice of youth, revolutionizing the way they think, and creating new ways of 'being' in the world. Have listeners submit their questions and problems. Allie Gemmill, Lindsey Lanquist, Katherine Speller. Music 7. If you upload your files to a site like Libsyn, Anchor, or Transistor, the feed creation is done automatically for you. They offer something you cant find elsewhere or talk about a conventional topic in a new way. Create a tutorial podcast, where you teach listeners how to use a tool, complete a process, or work on a skill. All the show tunes! Castos makes it easy to build, grow, and monetize your show whether youre just getting started or are already a podcasting pro! This improves all the various aspects of your professional life in which you will like to see growth. Click here for a 20-minute podcast for both the group member and the leader. You can choose books, movies or albums of a certain genre and review a new one each week. her show is dedicated to helping people with ADHD learn time management and organizational skills. You can change it up by taking listener calls or incorporating interesting segments within your episodes. DIY tutorials. For instance, if your show is about woodworking, you could narrate while you select wood or assemble a piece of furniture. The Best Podcasts of 2021 So Far By Eliana Dockterman May 20, 2021 8:00 AM EDT T he podcasting world is about to change dramatically. You likely have knowledge people would pay to hear. You can talk about whether youve applied this advice in your life and how it went for you. Popular podcast Supernatural With Ashley Flowers takes known supernatural phenomena and presents all the facts in a fresh and thought-provoking way. When he's not busy podcasting, talking about podcasting, or helping others get started in this awesome medium he's hanging out with his wife, two children, and likely planning their next travel adventure. Research facts about historical figures, share biographies, or educate listeners on a particular time in history. Dissect various kinds of art, including its history, origins, the biography of the artist, or share different points of view of the same piece of work. Events/groups Having celebrities on your podcast is a huge draw to new listeners and can help you get featured on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Stock market 15. Instead, you can make sounds like pops, clicks or whispers that are meant to help listeners relax or fall asleep. Try to create your podcasts in a way that attracts the younger generations, make them your potential listeners. This kind of content is easy to put together in post-production, and because your clients are leading the way, you don't have to come up with as many episode ideas yourself. Discuss famous plays, and record-breaking athletic performances, or chat with listeners about their thoughts on a current team or player. The most important aspect of every successful podcast is consistency. how to change indent in notion, sky description creative writing,